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Sara Azar, M.D.
Board Certified
Internal Medicine
Board Certified Geriatrics
David Ko, M.D.
Board Certified
Internal Medicine
Board Certified Geriatrics
House Calls

Why should I request a house call?

A house call is a great option for medical care at your convenience. When you're too sick to leave the house, too busy to leave your office, or on vacation and don't want to spend hours in a crowded emergency room, we can provide personalized service with the best doctors.

How does a house call compare to an ER visit?

Mirage On Call ER
Avg. Time with the doctor Based on your need 5-7 minutes
Avg. Wait Time Same day at your convenience 5 hours
Location Your home or office or hotel Crowded waiting room
Convenience On-site care Travel & wait in pharmacy
After your house call Always available for questions Cannot contact ER phsycician

What if I need admission to a hospital?

Mirage On Call has admitting privileges to Eisenhower Medical Center and can provide inpatient care from admission to discharge. We work with the finest subspecialists to provide the best care for you.

Can the doctor provide medications during my house call?

Yes. Our doctors carry a small amount of medications for common illnesses. This way you can start treatment right away until your full prescription can be filled by the pharmacy.

How can I pay for my house call?

Please call for details.